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preparation of colloidal solution
preparation of lyophilic sols -The colloidal solution of lyophilic colloids like starch ,glue , gelatin etc can be readily prepared by dissolving disadvantage in water either in cold or on warming. solution of colloidal electrolytes such a soaps and die staffs can also be prepared similarly.

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preparation of lyophobic sols -get substances in colloidal from either substances in bulk is broken down into find particles of colloidal time in cell one angstrom 2 10 to the power 3 angles from all to increase in the size of molecular particles has two formulas as a grades in some cases 3rd substances is usually added to increase the stability of the soul the substances are called stabilizer the following are the two way for preparation of lyophobic sols (a)dis persons method ( B) condensation method

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(a) Dispersion method -bhai is painting course as a great officer dances into colloidal sides the following methods maybe adopted for this purpose.
1) Mechanical dispersion
2) ultrasonic dispersion
3) Electrodispersion

(b) condensation method – We we can bring a what the union of large number of atoms or molecules to form particles of colloidal size does be have the following method for the preparation of colloidal solution.
1) Lowering of solubility by exchange

Peptization-The dispersion of a precipitated material into colloidal solution by the action of an electrolyte in solution is termed as peptization. The electrolyte used is called peptizing agent. It is the process by which a stable colloidal solution can be produced from substances originally present in massive form when colloidal particles pre-exist in the substance to be dispersed. Ex. Freshly Fe(OH), on treatment with a small amount of FeCl solution at once form a dark reddish brown solution. FeCl, act as peptizing agent.

Purification of Colloidal solution-The purification of colloidal solution is carried out by the following methods-

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