English class 10th most important question and answer

2. The ingect of the Northan Conquest on the Vocabulary of Engin can be noticed in the inclusion and instruction of a large num of French Words into the Vocabulary of English from Europe Mainland Brition

3. English is known as a Global Language. Today no other language in the world is red and spoken in so many countries as it is. Nataly of International trade, science, technology and diplomacy, English was mainly the language English has become the language of England. During the 20th century, English firmly established and cook as of English. There mell effects of this worldwide spread of English, which are the following- commette

followe National Varieties of English like American Englisk Australian English. Canadian English, etc. come into being (b) New Varieties of English develop in countries where English was not a mother tongue ex-Indian English, Nigerian English write a short kitchen and lot of chemistry this is chemistry class and chemistry I will give you most important question and answer this yaar came in Bihar board examination please not down your not copy this is very important for us because 100% come in Bihar board examination 2024.

etc. Thus we can say that English is a Global language. 4. The Features of drama are plot, character, dialogue, gestures, scete effects, music and soliloque.


wond language of India

3. English is used as a second language in many Asian and Africa countries such as India, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, Namibia Botswana etc.

6. The rapid rate of change growth and development of the english realized that their vocabulary lacked the words to express some new ideas and techniques. These needs led to the borrowing from latin, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish and other languages.


7. A novel is a narrative work of prose fiction that tells a story abour specific human experiences over a considerable length. A novel has some features like a representation of character, dialogues, setting, plot, climax, conflict and resolution.

8. The Indians are quick learners of the English language because we belong to some Indo European family. In India, we are grealy dependent on English for official, social and commercial purposes 9. The dramatic structure consists of five

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parts Exposition, Risi Action, Climax, Falling Action and Resolution. 10. The two famous works of William Shakespeare are (1) Macbeth al (ii) Hamlet

11. Penglish orthography in the system of writing convention used connects spoken English in writte of writing conventio most world languages. English Orthography has a

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