English class 10 most important question and answer long and short answer questions

Anglian wek ory. In this story, the Mister Mal ves at the house of the under a ministry. Though e

taminister. So, he went to see the sub

went to get in touch with the minister while b eting with the minister after the days At last, Nanukaka plays a trick to fulfil is sim of senga mine the really succeeded in doing so. Namukistada Royal car th atsen by the writer himself. Namukaka hill dressed loger and reaches the residence of the winner. In the vis Ak he writes his false address showing himself as theBedr loger to the Maharaja of Ninnore. As soon as the miner gut address, he becomes very restless

sen that address, he becomes The writer wonders at Namakaka’s art of lying and winning the tra of the powerful the story is humorous and highly aming wy restless to see the Astrologer,

Short Answer Type

This line has been taken from the story “A Pinch of Snuff writes by Manohar Malgaonkar Here, Nanukaka hit upon a plan. He gave the Dhobhis uid

eat and a bearer cheque of a large amount. Then he gave him some instructions. When they were at the office of Sikka Auto dealers, the mobi came running holding the cheque. He said he had found in the pocket of his coat. Nanokaka rewarded the thoni for his honesty The Sikku Auto Dealers were convinced that Namikala was a tich ut and they let Nanukaka to try the car. It shows that Nanukka has the capacity to convince the people.


1 This line has been taken from the story “A Pinch of Snuff written by Manohar Malgaonkar.

In these lines, the narrator is shocked to know that his maternal uncle Nanukaka is coming to his house to meet some ministers. To be narrator’s mind, it takes weeks and months for a person to meet the minister

There is a satire here. He is worried that Nanukaka will stay here for weeks and he will have to serve him.

This line has been taken from the story ‘A Pinch of Stuff” written by Manchar Malgaonkar.

Short Answer Type Questo

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These lines show that the narrator’s mother was very loyal to

her side of the family and Nanukaka was her brother. So his arrival made the mother delighted but her son was never willing to because Nanukaka was his guest.

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