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1. English has the status of assistant language, but in fact it is the important language of India. Indian English is speech or writing in English that shows the influence of the languages and culture of India. English is of India. English has belanguages recopi by the language and it has of future in India because of globalization. The 4. T. languet economy has created international trade and marketing. The knowledge of English is essential in such a situation, English has generated employment in India.

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2. In India, people learn English as their second and third Language The Indian students, specially in rural areas, Find it all the me difficult to learn the English language, because of their mother tongue interference. Moreover there is a lack of proper environment and education system which would help the learners overcome their fear and hesitation of learning English. To have command over the vocabulary and grammar of English is also difficult because every . Willi English word does not have a Hindi or local dialect substitute to it, so it becomes all the more difficult to understand and learn the language There are some of the basic problems that Indian students have to face in learning English.

are the following Short stories are shorter than novels,

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here are many differences between the novel and the short story. 11

. English Poets

Short stories are intended to be read in a sungle sitting and Jesigned to produce a single effect, but Novels are not intended read in a single sitting and not

effect. Short story contains one basic plot, a Novel can contain many sub-plots and a complex main plot.

Short stories focus on one or two characters. A Novel can focus on multiple characters.

It takes much time to read a novel and a short story takes little time to read it. Thus, there are the main differences between & novel and a short story.

Middle English had five dialects. They are known as (1) Northem (ii) Suthern (iii) East Midland (iv) West Midland (v) Kenithr the Northern of old English is now called Northern West-sexon is now Southern and Mercian is divided into two dialects which came to be known as East Midland and West Midland dialect. Kenith remained unchanged.

Sandard British English speech came to be known as RP or ‘Received Pronunciation’. Along its way to becoming a standard language for English, English borrowed freely from languages that its speakers ame in contact with through trade.

The future of English is very bright in India because of its vast om latin, scope of Utilization. English is the link language of the country. It is preading far and wide in India. India is a developing country. This ry about the age of science technology and the global market economy. The working knowledge of English is very important for Indians in this setting, age. English is the language of computers and internet. Without its nowledge, India cannot

become a developed country. Today we cannot progress without English. English has become international language and it has a future in India because of rposes. globalization. So we can say that the future of English in India is Rising ight. Indian English poetry began to be written in the early part of the

century. H.C. Derozio, K.P. Ghosh, Toru Dutta, Manmohan

Cohosh etc are the pioneers in this field. Sarojini Naidu, known as

The Nightingale of India” composed many lyrics under the infive for

phy of peat romantic poets of English. R.N. Tagore got Nobel Priaseer

ree of erature for his masterpiece Gitanjali”. Aurobindo Ghosh a seer


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