Chemistry class 10 and 12th question and answer

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aut Aswer Type Questions

was awarded Nobel Prize in literature in (Choose the conect option 2304 29

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(H) 1952

(Di 195)

was a Ppher and a

(Choose the correct option)/2014AJ

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The domestication of ads. We developmen of

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starvation to make the people happier, peaceful and ery

Thus The Ides That Has Helped Mankind

growth of our thoughts. At last we can say that skill is t deselenet.




re in our development?

mind her host eating in the opposite commer

1. This line has been taken from the essay “Ideas That H

Mankind written by British Philosopher and mathemati

Russell talks of those things which help mak says that how human beings in superior to animal. He that it is indeed an advantage that human beings ar mom s than animals. With their power of communication and inte are able to establish themselves as superior to all living s this world

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It shows that it is our imellect that makes us different titin 2. This line has been taken from the essay “Ideas That Have M

Seibel’s father was ver

complained about him

Mankind written by British Philosopher and musica

o bear all the insults

Bertrand Rasell Russell talks of those things which help maskint Rast all his gourds and th says here that the invention of agriculture was more important

the incident. Heuring

Sebel’s a twelve yea

mankind. Even more important than the domesticatus of am

collecting the gour

was the invention of agriculture

he gourds, sudden

The consumption of food grains helped men bec inches long. Somet

human and less dependent un animal food

It shows that it was the art of writing that helped me a superiority 3. This line has been taken from the essay “Ideas That

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