Chemistry class 10 most important question and answer

An Ecosystem is the complex set of relationship among the resources and habitats. The structure of the ecosystem includes organisms and physical features of the environment, including amount and distribution of nutrients in a particular habitat. provides information regarding the climatic conditions Components of ecosystem: There are two

of that are components(1) Abio (1) Abiotic Components: They include minerals, (ii) Biotic. sunlight and all other non-living elements.

soil, we (1) Biotic Components: They includes all living members plants and animals. They remain in the form of consumers and decomposers. produce

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gas unit and demonstra 2. Pond is a type of self-sustained ecosystem in a shallow water body. all four functional effects which are essential for any Ecosystem consists of all structural components working It has both abiotic and biotic components:

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Abiotic Components: It includes water and dissolve inorganic a organic substances. Their functions are regulated by solar ener Thermal cycle, Length of Day and some other environme conditions.

Biotic components include producers, consumers and decomp producers are autotrophs, e.g. phytoplankton while consumers i Zooplanktons alongwith free swimming and sedentary at Consumers are divided into herbivores & carnivores. Im herbivores are zooplankton, Tadpole larva and some fishes. Carnivores include aquatic scorpion, Beetle, etc. while s carnivores include larger fishes and aquatic birds. Dec include Fungi, Bacteria and Flagellates.

3. It is a small but self sustained aquatic ecosystem that she component and functions of ecosystems. There are bothincrganic and organic substances are dissolved in water. A nich s deposite with both inorganic and organic substances occots atte bottom Run off from the nearby areas adds both inorganic

substances into the ponds.

Blotic components: They are producers, consumen decomposers. Producers consist of phytoplankton. Consumers O of zooplankton, free-swimming and bottom dewelling in Some birds also visit the pond for feeding on fish and other Decomposers are generally present over the bottom. They are bo and some fungi & orp

4. In a Forest-ecosystem Deers eat grasses and Tigers/Lions again Den Since here the flow of energy through various food medium le place ie. From the grasses (Producers) to Deer (Primary Comme and from Deer to Tiger or Lion (= Secondary consumer. So, ho

food organisms form food-chain.

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